Well Met, is well GREAT!

well met book coverNewest book by author Jen DeLuca, Well Met is probably one of my favorites from a 2019 book launch. It’s super sweet and charming and it had you wishing for a romance like the one Simon and Emily develop. I don’t have anything ill to say about this book at all, except I wish It would have dwelled a little more on their life after they finally accepted their love for each other.

Renaissance fairs are something of the past but I really do wish we would see more of them here around the area and the United States. I think it would be a great, fun learning experience. That era was a time of fun, drinking, and discovering ones talents and fighting and charms.

Well Met is a developing love story that revolves around Simon’s love of the renaissance based off his late brother that used to run the renaissance fair in town. The book takes place in a very small town called Willow Creek. It makes you think of one of those small towns like they have in those tv shows like Gilmore Girls or Hart of Dixie. (If you have never watched these shows, PLEASE DO!)

This book shows the struggles of feelings and misunderstandings between two people. My take from the book is that you never know what another’s pain might be or what they are going through. Simon’s feelings flip flop a lot when it comes to Emily because he is dealing with some issues of his own. I guess it’s true what they say that you must fix and love yourself before you can commit and love someone else. Emily being the kind of in the same boat, shows the situation that when you go through a terrible heart break that it can either change you for the worse or for the better. For the worse by making it hard to trust someone, let alone yourself. For the better by making it a growing lesson and a learning curve in who you are and what you want.

This book does an amazing job at making you stop and want to listen to your significant other and stop the misunderstandings. It also does a great job showing the fun and learning abilities of a renaissance fair that you don’t see anymore.

I highly recommend reading this book if you are a sucker for romance and for a slightly different approach at dating and working through self love and the burdens of doing things for others. Well Met is on my top 10 favorite books for 2019. Below you can find a few of the links where to buy the book! I bought mine from Barnes and Noble! I’m actually extremely excited about the next book that DeLuca will write!

Here’s an amazon preview of Well Met!

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