For 2 months now I have been FAT FREE AND SUGAR FREE! (For the most part anyway!) This was NOT by a let me lose weight choice, this was a choice that I HAD to make. Let me give you a little background on gallstones. If you haven’t read any of my previous posts then you are just now finding out that I was diagnosed with gallstones/gallbladder disease at 20 weeks pregnant. I am now 33 whopping weeks! By the way, I can’t wait for my little, squishy, boy to be here! Anyway! I was having what they call “gallstone attacks” since about week 10 of my pregnancy. If labor matches gallstone pain, then I got this labor thing in the bag. Guess we will find out! Not saying that labor isn’t the worse pain, I am just saying that I don’t have anything to compare the gallstone pain too. 

Gallstones are tiny, hard, rocks of bile that passes through a duct. It’s very similar to a kidney stone, but instead affects your upper region. All gallbladder pain is different. Some pain starts in the middle of the abdomen, some start in the right side of the abdomen under the right breast bone or rib. Some start in the middle upper back, (like mine does) and it eventually wraps around my entire upper torso. The thing is there is nothing you can do to prevent one from passing once you have them. You just have to kind of ride them out till it passes. It can cause other serious problems but most of the time the only cure is getting the gallbladder removed completely! It’s like the second most common surgery done mostly laparoscopically. It doesn’t have to long of a recovery time. 

So the only downfall is when you are pregnant, that puts everything at high risk. I could have had it out in my second trimester before he got any bigger but I was told that some of the attacks could be controlled by diet. So this brings us to the actual topic of the blog! MY DIET!

So when they told me that it could be controlled by my diet, I did, and STILL AM, constantly researching every day the foods I can eat and experimenting on what works and what doesn’t. All my surgeon told me at the time was to cut out the fried, greasy, fatty, sugary, foods. Okay, no problem. I was already eating so little because I was so sick throughout the first trimester and half the second. I was already eating like that, except for the occasional sweet, or fried pickle. *my fav. Anyway, so I cut out most of all red meats, fried foods, really large meals, and really sugary sweets. This worked for just a little while. Then the attacks started to come back. So I then cut out high fat dairy, high fat drinks, and mostly all sugar.

Even after cutting out all the sugar, I was diagnosed with gestational. My gestational doc wanted me to eat some high protein, fat foods. I couldn’t do that. So you see my diet is running very thin right now as it is. I’m already down BELOW my previous pregnancy weight. (don’t worry little squish is still doing great!) It’s still a crazy thought though, and it makes you worry am I eating enough? Hardly. I am starving all the time. Now you need some fat for your body to be somewhat healthy. I mean that’s just how it works. But at this point I was so anxious to eat any fat because the gallstone attacks were getting worse in time spent in them and being pain. The very last time I had one, which was about 3 weeks ago, put me in the ER and they were going to do open surgery, and then decided it was to high risk with me almost being at the finish line with pregnancy, and I was already high risk due to short cervix and gestational. A part of me is really glad we are waiting. I just need to be really careful with what I eat. Like even more careful than I was before. Another part of me, a VERY small percentage was sad because I was ready to have the gallbladder out and gone for good. The last attack that put me in the ER happened from eating peanut butter crackers, PEANUT BUTTER CRACKERS! I am so done at this point. (insert emoji with girl with palm on the face) No but seriously. That’s ridiculous. The morning I woke up in the ER after being admitted my surgeon came in and was talking to me. (This is a new surgeon because the one I had seen previously wasn’t in network with my insurance anymore.) He was like “I don’t know if you knew but in addition to no fried, fatty, greasy, foods you aren’t suppose to be eating leafy greens or green vegetables either. Your gallbladder processes it as a fatty meal cause it rich in other nutrients. I was in shock, because that’s literally all I’ve been eating. I just thought that was the craziest thing. So here I am, I can’t even eat any single one of the food groups or anything in them. My research really went crazy then. These are just a few of the thing I found I can eat that won’t hurt me. But then again, you never know when you are going to have a gallstone attack. 

Basically the point of this blog is to bring awareness to them and to show off a little bit of my sugar free, fat free diet foods that I eat! My baby weight on my son is still great, but I guess I am thankful that it’s kept me at a great pregnancy weight this entire time. I try to see the positive in it. I’m mainly all belly. Which I am okay with.

Here are some of the foods I eat on a daily basis that follows my fat free/sugar free diet! Let me know if you are having any of the same health issues or if you actually tried this diet. I could use all the advice I can get! My menu runs really thin these days! Help a mama out! I think I could literally be a nutritionist after this whole experience. I never knew how to read a nutrition label until now! 

Here are a few things I realized I can eat, that haven’t yet caused a gallstone attack or spiked my sugar to high levels. 

  1.  Iced SUGAR FREE VANILLA LATTE with skim milk, and 1 Splenda packet. You can find this bad baby at Starbucks. And it’s amazing! It has no sugar, and with the skim milk this makes it fat free. Some accounts they say coffee is good for your gallbladder and some say it isn’t. We are gonna go with the some that say it is. Cause I mean really? Coffee is life. 
  2. FAT FREE Refried Beans, WHOLE WHEAT tortillas, and Mild Taco Bell sauce. God is so good not to make Taco Bell sauce fatty or sugary. This is how I eat my beloved bean burritos. Beans are really good for you, and are high in fiber. Which is great in general for the average person, but is even greater for the pregnant woman who can’t poop half the time. Bowel movements are far and few between in some spurts during pregnancy. 
  3.  Pretzels, “The Rice One” Veggie Crackers, Sugar Free Lemon Drops, Triscuit Crackers (hint of sea salt), are just a few of the snack foods I eat. They are all fat free, and sugar free. I believe the pretzels are like 0.1% grams of fat. Which doesn’t even equal out to 1 percent of the daily value. 
  4.  Turkey breast cutlets, chicken, or salmon. ALL SKINLESS AND NO FAT!
  5.  Cauliflower or Carrots.
  6.  Powerade Zeros and Coke Zeros. (Coke Zero is life, of course along with coffee)
  7.  I have really come to like the Truvia brand. It’s a substitute for sugar. You can’t even taste the difference. 
  8.  All fruit except bananas and pineapples. Those two are the highest in sugar. It has to be fresh fruit though, none of that canned stuff. That contains ALOT of artificial sugar. You want the natural stuff. They say citrus ones are the best for gallstones. 
  9.  WHOLE WHEAT BREAD, Fat Free Sandwich meat, turkey is my choice (yes it fat free meat exists), and mustard. NO MAYO! Mayo is high in fat, and I haven’t even bothered to see if there is a such thing as fat free mayo. 
  10.  FAT FREE or SKIM MILK or LACTOSE FREE MILK! Yes this exists too. I really like the Fa!rLife brand. You would be surprised. They even have sugar free, fat free chocolate syrup. I didn’t have to give up my choccy milk! 
  11.  Brown Rice or Quinoa is good. With a little bit of turkey or chicken and hot sauce. 
  12.  Panera’s Ten Veggie Soup is good, and the only one they carry that is fat free. You aren’t suppose to eat any kind of creamy soups. They are usually high in fat because of the dairy used in them.

So these are just a few of the things I eat on a daily/weekly basis. Anyone have any other suggestions to get me through the next 3 months on this diet till I can get this gallbladder out? What do you guys think?