OH MY GOSH! I COULD NOT BE MORE IN LOVE WITH MY PICTURES! Yes, I am going to be really conceited right now, but that’s because I feel absolutely beautiful in these pictures. Let me just brag on my photographer real quick. She is absolutely amazing! I am not very photogenic at all, but I am trying to learn especially since I have my blog back up and running and she knew exactly how to walk me through the poses, and everything looked completely natural and normal! If you are ever in the Memphis area or moving to Memphis, and you need a photographer, her business name is Natalie Clay Photography and you can find her on Facebook, here.

We did my pictures at the Botanical Gardens in Memphis. Botanical Gardens is one of those places that are on Memphis’s top 10 places to visit while here list. I would add it on there if it isn’t already. I think the last time I went there was when I was a small child. Like I mean, really young. Before I went this time, I had only remembered like 1-2 gardens. It is a wonderful place to go especially during the Spring and Summer time. Thank God, the rain held off for us! I mean as soon as we left, it started raining. So it was like perfect timing. It didn’t make the gardens less beautiful though. So if you ever find yourself here in Memphis, please make a stop at the Botanical Gardens! By the way, this is also an event venue! Weddings and big parties. If you are ever looking for that scenery.

I absolutely cannot wait to meet my little squish. These pictures are so emotional to me, cause I never saw myself taking maternity photos, so I am so ecstatic that I have made it to this point.